Guitar/Banjo #1140

A heavy duty strap that would comfortably deal with the big guitars and heavy banjos for those all night jams. The curved shape favors the left shoulder of a right handed player and would be quite comfortable attached to the heel button on a guitar or the bracket bolts of a banjo.

$140.00 Plus Shipping


Status SOLD
Shoulder Piece Size 11 1/2" long by 2 7/8" wide where it will cross your shoulder. Tapers to 2 1/4” on the front and the back.
Shoulder Piece Leather Very nice quality harness leather with a rustic complexion. Broken in butter soft and in great condition. Thick enough to give good support.
Shoulder Piece Stitching Artificial sinew hand sewn into hand punched needle holes.
Shoulder Piece Distressed Level Medium/low. Age darkened from an original natural tan color. No aesthetic issues at all other than the two small dark stains visible in the photo.
Shoulder Piece Notables Matching leather strap guide keeps the rein strap centered on the curved shoulder piece. Lined on the bottom with new suede leather.
Strap Style Western Rein
Strap Width 5/8"
Strap Leather Very soft and supple. A dead-ringer match for color and the rustic character to the shoulder piece. Lightly skived with hand dressed and burnished edges and slicked smooth on the bottom.
Strap Distressed Level Medium/low with light surface wrinkles.
Strap Notables The strap guide and the carefully cut and shaped strap slots grip the rein tight and nothing will shift around without intentional help.