Guitar/Banjo #1160

A charming little gem looking for a cowboy and his Gibson L-00.

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Status SOLD
Shoulder Piece Size 12" long by just about 2" wide.
Shoulder Piece Leather Top shelf quality and very old harness leather.
Shoulder Piece Stitching It took a long evening and a dental pick to pull out all the old cotton stitching which I replaced with artificial sinew hand stitched back into the original needle holes. The white buckstitching is original and in good shape.
Shoulder Piece Distressed Level Medium. Some of the white color has eroded off the buckstitching due to its prior job serving a horse but otherwise it’s a blemish free piece.
Shoulder Piece Notables The two matching vintage leather strap guides hold the rein strap firmly to the shoulder piece allowing the full bottom surface to contact your shoulder. Lined wall to wall with new suede leather on the bottom.
Strap Style Western Rein
Strap Width 1/2"
Strap Leather Beautiful leather with dressed and burnished edges and slicked smooth on the bottom.
Strap Distressed Level Medium. Fits the character of the shoulder piece with absolute perfection. Smooth and check free.
Strap Notables An old hand cut rein with a wonderful feel. Small and petite but plenty strong enough to hold anything.