Guitar/Banjo #2117

This was formerly an adjustable saddle strap and the original buckle holes for a two-prong buckle are quite visible. The first thing you’ll notice about this bad boy is the thick and cuddly soft vintage leather. What you might not notice is the two custom made leather plugs I put in to eliminate the two buckle holes that some cowboy apparently made with a hammer and a big nail. A great strap for any Strat, Tele, or electric bass and not too huge for an aggressive acoustic player.

$160.00 Plus Shipping


Status Available
Shoulder Piece Size 13” long by 2 7/8” wide.
Shoulder Piece Leather Thick and butter soft harness leather. Primo stuff. Well used and rock solid.
Shoulder Piece Stitching Artificial sinew, hand stitched into hand punched needle holes.
Shoulder Piece Distressed Level Medium. Well aged with a definite vintage character. No other issues at all worth mentioning. If you haven’t found my leather plugs yet, I can send a close-up.
Shoulder Piece Notables The hand cut and shaped strap slots and the strap guide grip the rein strap tight and the shoulder piece will not move without intentional help. Lined with new suede leather on the bottom.I punched thru the suede leather in case you needed to check the color of your shirt and give you some ventilation for the summer gigs.
Strap Style Western Rein
Strap Width 5/8"
Strap Leather Excellent quality and top shelf old leather. Thick, strong, and very soft with beautifully dressed and burnished original top edges. I skived the thickness to match the heavy duty feel of the shoulder piece, dressed and burnished the bottom edges, and slicked the bottom smooth.
Strap Distressed Level Medium. Another obvious veteran with an issue-less vintage character.
Strap Notables Includes a custom set-up to your specs for length and attachment points.