Mandolin #353

An eye-catching mandolin strap that will instantly feel like an old friend.

$65.00 Plus Shipping


Status SOLD
Shoulder Piece Size No shoulder piece but the hand lacing will get a grip on your shirt and help stabilize things if you get carried away on a hot break.
Strap Style Hand laced English rein. The laced section is 23” long and will cover your shoulder.
Strap Width 5/8"
Strap Leather Beautiful genuine English leather broken in to butter softness. Dark oil brown in color.
Strap Distressed Level Medium. There’s a little bit of surface checking beyond the hand lacing on the back end that’s pretty insignificant and certainly not a deal breaker.
Strap Notables One end is already set up for a headstock or scroll loop attachment. I skived it thin enough to pass around a tight scroll if necessary before stitching it back to itself with the two double stitched rows of artificial sinew. The 3 hole button tab shown in the photo will be stitched on at the buyers specified length. I could get the longest hole a maximum of 47” from the very end of the scroll loop.