Mandolin #355

A highly distressed 1” wide relic that would look like original equipment on a 1923 Lloyd Loar F-5. A perfect companion to a mandolin that gets played hard and put away wet. It may, however, look like crap on your brand new Kentucky.

$75.00 Plus Shipping


Status SOLD
Shoulder Piece Size No shoulder piece.
Strap Style Cinch strap. Cleaned, reconditioned, and quite ornery looking.
Strap Width 1"
Strap Leather Originally this was a pony cinch strap that held the saddle and accompanying kid firmly on the horse’s back. Over many years it has been tugged and pulled as tightly as possible transforming it into an incredibly soft and supple piece of leather. Lightly skived to the thickness that will seat perfectly snug on a standard end button.
Strap Distressed Level High. Really high. Still strong enough to do more saddle duty if necessary, but it would rather not.
Strap Notables This one is already fitted with a non-adjustable headstock or scroll loop, skived thin enough to pass around a tight scroll if necessary. The other end will get button holes punched into the strap at the lengths requested.