Mandolin #378

A super soft dark brown harness leather shoulder piece combined with a rare 3/8” wide leather rein strap created this black and tan beauty.

$110.00 Plus Shipping


Status Available
Shoulder Piece Size 7 5/8" long by 1 3/8" wide where it will cross your shoulder.
Shoulder Piece Leather Top shelf, butter soft leather.
Shoulder Piece Stitching Artificial sinew, hand stitched into hand punched needle holes.
Shoulder Piece Distressed Level Medium/low.
Shoulder Piece Notables The ends were hand shaped then dressed and burnished around the full perimeter. The strap guide was cut from the end of the rein strap. The carefully cut and shaped strap slots got a grip on the rein strap - the shoulder piece will stay put unless intentionally moved. Lined on the bottom with new suede leather.
Strap Style Western Rein
Strap Width 3/8"
Strap Leather Soft and supple harness leather. Skived to an appropriate thickness for a mandolin and still quite strong. Dressed and burnished edges with a slicked smooth bottom and a pleasure to handle.
Strap Distressed Level Medium/low. Minimal size and plenty strong.
Strap Notables There’s already a non-adjustable headstock/scroll loop on the front. The back end will get the 3 hole button tab sewn on at your specified length.