Mandolin #431

Comfortable, classic simplicity you won’t find in your local music shop. Genuine vintage character and much more comfortable than paracord.

$65.00 Plus Shipping


Status SOLD
Shoulder Piece Leather No shoulder piece.
Strap Style Western Rein
Strap Width 3/4"
Strap Leather Very nice quality. Floppy soft and well used oil tanned harness leather. Skived to 1/8”with dressed and burnished edges and slicked smooth on the backside. A substantial feeling piece of leather can that can easily be rolled into a 3” coil and stashed in the case compartment.
Strap Distressed Level Medium with an age darkened character. The leather is in great shape although certainly looks to have done a lifetime of gigging in the local pubs.
Strap Notables One end is already set up with a no slip/quick adjust headstock or scroll loop. Standard buttonholes will be punched directly into the strap at the buyers specified lengths. The existing buttonhole in the photo is 53” from the farthest end of the loop. Just above the buttonhole you can see 2 shallow surface nicks that have no impact on the integrity of the strap but I did want to mention them.