Mandolin #459

Genuine vintage character that would compliment any of the older A or F style mandolins and simply melt into the personality of a visually distressed instrument. This one has earned my “Diamond in the Rough” leather insignia above the headstock/scroll loop, which signifies absolutely nothing.

$85.00 Plus Shipping


Status Available
Shoulder Piece Size No shoulder piece.
Strap Style Western Rein
Strap Width Just shy of 1"
Strap Leather Floppy soft, well used harness leather. Skived to 1/8” in thickness with dressed and burnished edges and slicked smooth on the backside. The strap can be rolled into a small coil and easily stashed in the case compartment.
Strap Distressed Level Medium. The leather is quite old but in great shape and should easily make it thru your musical career.
Strap Notables One end is already set up for a headstock or scroll loop attachment made from a soft piece of 1/2” wide vintage leather skived thin enough to fit around a tight scroll if necessary. The length can be tweaked an inch or two by taking in or letting out some of the loop. The loop can also be removed to slip around the fret extension on an A style. The other end will get the end buttonhole or multiple buttonholes punched in at the buyer’s specified length.