Dobro Strap

Dobro Strap – 2” wide the full length except for the 12″ to15” long by 1” wide front piece that holds the adjustable (+/-2”) headstock loop. The 2″ wide strap will fully cover your shoulder. The final length of the both straps will vary depending upon the your specified length. The loop will adjust to tweak the specified length a couple inches if necessary. All edges are dressed and burnished and the back sides are slicked smooth. Your choice of 1, 2. or 3 standard buttonholes, pick-up buttonholes, or 3/8″ buttonholes with no keyhole cut for a strap lock button.

Info needed: Strap length measured from B tuner knob on base string side of headstock, up over your shoulder, to end button hole.

$110.00 Plus Shipping


Status Available