Guitar/Banjo #11

Curved Shoulder Piece Strap. Pronounced curve is very comfortable attached to the heel button on a guitar or the bracket bolts of a banjo. Not recommended for a headstock attachment.  The shoulder piece measures 2 1/4″ wide by 12″ long and is hand cut and shaped from a 4” wide piece of leather and comes with rounded ends, edge stitching, and lined with new suede leather on the back. All edges dressed and burnished. No suede lining with a slicked backside on the shoulder piece available on request($10 credit).  1″ wide main strap has dressed and burnished edges and is slicked smooth on the backside. Fixed (non-sliding) shoulder piece available on request.

Guitar info needed: Strap length measured from heel button, up over your shoulder, to the end button hole. Standard end button or pick-up button?  Button holes punched directly into the 1″ wide strap. Extra end button holes on request.

Banjo info needed: Strap length measured from the front bracket bolt you’ll attach to, over your shoulder, to the back bracket bolt you’ll attach to. Choice of Adjustable or Non-Adjustable bracket bolt attachments. Each Adjustable banjo bracket attachment will adjust + or – 2″.

$95.00 Plus Shipping