Guitar/Banjo #06

1960’s Vintage Style Strap. Extra large shoulder piece (2 1/2″ wide by 12″ long) double strap slots, hand shaped rounded ends, full circumference edge stitching, and fully lined with new suede leather except for two small areas where the strap is accessible under the shoulder piece. No suede lining with a slicked backside on the shoulder piece available on request ($10 credit).  All edges dressed and burnished. 1″ wide main strap is skived to proper button hole thickness the full length and slicked smooth on the back side.

Guitar info needed: Headstock loop or heel button? Standard end button or pick-up button? Button holes punched directly into the 1″ wide strap. Extra end button holes on request.

Strap length for headstock attachments measured from the A tuner knob, up over your shoulder, to the end button hole. Choice of Adjustable or Non-Adjustable headstock loop. Strap length for heel button attachments measured from heel button, up over your shoulder, to the end button hole. Headstock loop attachments will adjust + or – 2″.

Banjo info needed: Strap length measured from the front bracket bolt you’ll attach to, over your shoulder, to the back bracket bolt you’ll attach to. Choice of Adjustable or Non-Adjustable bracket bolt attachments. Each Adjustable banjo bracket attachment will adjust + or – 2″.

$85.00 Plus Shipping