Mandolin #02

Slotless shoulder piece is 1 1/4″ wide by 8″ long with rounded ends and artificial sinew edge stitching. Lined wall to wall on the back side with new suede leather. All edges dressed and burnished. Main strap is 1/2″ wide and slicked smooth on the back. Your choice of adjustable (+/- 2″) leather lacing headstock/scroll loop or sewn non-adjustable headstock/scroll loop, both options shown in the photo. Sewn on 1″ wide end button tab. Choice of one, two, or three button holes in end button tab.

Info needed: Strap length measured from G/D tuner side of headstock or top of scroll (whichever you attach to), up over your shoulder, to end button hole. Or, measure your current strap length from very end of the headstock or scroll loop (with loop sides pulled together) to end button. For mandolins with a front button, measure strap length button hole to button hole. For attachments going under the fretboard extension for A  styles, email me for measuring instructions.

$59.00 Plus Shipping